Mount Vesuvuis, The Amazing Volcano!!!

Here are some fast and interesting facts about Mt.Vesuvius. It is the only volcano in the European mainland to have erupted within the last 100 years. It is one of most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Mt.Vesuvius's most famous eruption was in 79 A.D. Mt.Vesuvius is still active today. Mt. Vesuvius is about 17,000 years old. The people who work with the volcano let people go up to the edge of the volcano, like from where the lava blows out.The last eruption of Mt.Vesuvius was in 1994.

< This picture shows Mt. Vesuvius while it is erupting. This one one of the most famous eruptions which was in 79 A.D. In this eruption there was so much ash. There was at least 4 to 6 meters of ash. All of that ash mostly covered the buildings and the people who lived there.