Mount Vesuvuis, The Amazing Volcano!!!

Welcome to the website about Mt. Vesuvius. Our names are Reyna, Amal, and Tiffany. Mt. Vesuvius is located in Pompeii, Italy. A fact about Italy is that about 3 million people lived there. So when Mt. Vesuvius erupted many times, it probably did kill a lot of people. Mt. Vesuvius had caused a lot of damage. The most famous eruption of Mt Vesuvius was in A.D 79. The elevation of Mt.Vesuvius is 1281 meters and 4203 feet. Those were some easy facts that were really important about Mt. Vesuvius. 

< As you can see on the left, this is a picture of Pompeii. In a distance of the background you can see that Mt. Vesuvius is there.

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