Mount Vesuvuis, The Amazing Volcano!!!
First things first, before you start reading more about our volcano you should know about an actual volcano.What causes a volcano to happen is that the earth has plates and when two plates hit each other, one goes under and becomes "molten." That means that it gets so hot, that the ground turns into liquid. The molten stuff finds a hole in the ground and comes out from the top.  Here are the different types of volcanoes. Here they are: there are shield volcanoes, cinder cone volcanoes, and composite volcanoes. On the globe volcanoes occur around the edge of the Pacific ocean called the Ring Of Fire. Volcanoes are measured by volcanic explosivity index. Scientists indicate how powerful volcanic eruptions are using the VEI. It records how long it lasts, how high the lava goes, and the material that is thrown out of the volcano. A way to protect you and you family everyone should have a disaster supply kit, with food, water, aid, etc. Always have it even though you know a volcano won't happen. Don't visit the volcano site unless public officials say it's safe. If there is ash avoid the air and cover your nose and mouth. Be aware of flying rocks during an eruption too. If you live near a volcano, always have a evacuation plan. After an eruption you see that you have ash on top of your roof, you should brush it off as soon as you can. Those are some facts about a volcano and how you can stay safe while one is evacuating.